Runtime Verification audits Atlendis Protocol

Audit scope

  • Pools are borrower specific on Atlendis. Once whitelisted, borrowers can borrow as they please from their own isolated liquidity pool in order to satisfy any recurrent liquidity needs. However, borrowers can only take one loan at a time and it needs to be repaid first in order to take the next one.
  • Any user can be a lender and choose the pool they want to participate in, and select their preferred lending rate within a range.
  • The borrowing rate is discovered by the market based on the offered lending rate thanks to a dedicated order book. At borrowing time, the protocol will automatically match the borrower with the most favorable lending rates.
  • Once whitelisted, the Atlendis governance account can freely create ERC20 pools for the borrower, but the contracts only allow one token for each pool.
  • Lenders making a deposit will get an NFT in exchange to reflect their positions.
  • Unused capital such as funds not actively loaned are automatically forwarded to AAVE to generate yield. Borrowers can also choose to distribute additional liquidity rewards to their lenders for unused capital to incentivize liquidity in their pool and increase lenders’ base line APY.



About Atlendis

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Runtime Verification

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