Runtime Verification audits Blockswap’s Stakehouse protocol

Audit scope

  • Registering a KNOT (a validator in the protocol).
  • Reporting an increase in a KNOT’s balance in the Beacon Chain due to validator rewards or a decrease due to penalties (and minting or slashing the corresponding tokens).
  • Moving a KNOT between indices.
  • Withdrawing or depositing dETH into the open index.
  • Topping up SLOT that has been slashed by paying ETH.
  • Recovering a KNOT’s signing key.
  • Rage-quitting a KNOT, enabling the staked ETH for withdrawal.



About Blockswap

About Runtime Verification



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Runtime Verification

Runtime Verification


Runtime Verification Inc. is a technology startup providing cutting edge formal verification tools and services for aerospace, automotive, and the blockchain.